Pricing & Payments

Criteria for Calculation of Rates

Exam Test Quiz

  • Length of exam and number of questions in the exam ; higher the number the more will be th rate
  • Nature of questions in Exam or Quiz whether it is multiple choice, short Answers or essay type
  • Method of  submitting solution, If we get access to your account it will cost less, if it is done by sending questions by whats app or Gmail it will cost more
  • we also provide option of screen sharing but it is expensive than other two.
  • A course with exam that need to submit Answers only instead of Show work is less expensive.

Full Class help

  • Total number of tasks in class i.e. homework, quizzes, Assignments, project, Presentation. Cost will increase with number of tasks in the course work
  • Total number of modules in the course work needed to complete, more the work to be completed ; higher the price.
  • Mode of Exam . If it is a proctored exam it usually expensive
  • A course with exam that need to submit Answers only instead of Show work is less expensive.
  •  If a course has fixed exam schedule is more expensive than an exam having flexible time window for Taking an exam.

Writing Tasks

  • Writing Tasks Rates depend upon the required number of words or pages. The more the number of words required the higher the rate will be
  •  Type of Topic required to be written. if it is more research oriented it will cost more
  • Required citation style . where MLA & APA are less expensive Than others
  • If more sources will be required for specific essay it will cost more
  • Due time . If an essay needs to be completed urgently it will cost more than normal time duration 
Exam & Test Help

150-300 USD

Full Course Help

600-900 USD

Quiz help

80-150 USD

HW Assignment Help

100-190 USD

Research Paper Help

500-950 USD

Essay Writing help

50-80 USD

Payment Options

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