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All the questions that you may have in your mind.

It is fact that some scammers also exist on the web with fake identities and some of our students have come up with horror stories of scamming but exam rabbit is a full legit website that provides all the evidence to our newcomers so that they can distinguish easily.  We have almost all active social media accounts, a youtube channel with live exam videos, and have 1000+ exam score gallery that proves our legitimacy in helping students over the years.

Exam Rabbit team consists of highly professional experts having freelancing experience of over 5 years. We have completed over 7000+ tasks including exams, assignments, quizzes, tests homework, research papers, writing tasks, and even the complete courses of college and university-level students.  Our team consists of engineers, writers, mathematicians, accountants, and graduates in finance, economics, medical school, nursing, and nutrition having Masters or Ph.D. in the relevant subjects

Our team consists of highly qualified experts in their relevant subjects and they have a vast knowledge of all the academic software that helps during solving a task that’s why they are best suitable to take your exam. Our exam score gallery is a glimpse of our glorious past.

If you get C-, C, or C+ we can refund you 50% of your payment or you can use that payment for your future tasks. If you get D, D- or F we refund the full amount.

Yes, we recommend you share your login details as it becomes easy for experts to access your study material and take the exam by themselves rather than sending each question on the Whats app. We have a very strict student privacy policy that protects your identity 100%.

We have taken serious measures to protect students’ secrecy. We provide multiple options to our clients according to their satisfaction regarding how to do a task

  • The easiest way is to share the login details of your portal to do your task.
  • We can help you if you can send question pictures or PDFs via Whats app or Gmail
  • We can also help you by screen sharing method of your PC or Laptop

We accept different Payment methods in different countries of the world

In the USA, Uk, and Canada we accept     Remitly, Western Union, and Payoneer

In Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and UAE we accept                    Western union, Al Ansari Exchange, Payoneer

If you are not familiar with one of these. Don’t worry  we can provide with e you with a complete guide and tutorial in our pricing and payment section the  with easiest way that take 3-5 minutes to send the payment   


It is possible but we can’t guarantee an A+ grade. You can expect any grade between B- and A+.  

Yes. We have almost all social media accounts so that our clients can easily find us and can check our legit status. For social accounts Click here.

No, you don’t need to worry about that. Schools can only detect the presence and suspicious activity with proctoring software such as Proctorio, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Honorlock, etc. Without these, your school or instructor will find out. The good news, we know how to bypass most of these sophisticated applications.

We offer the following payment plans

  • Weekly (most expensive)
  • Monthly i.e. half now and half late (Moderately expensive)
  • All upfront (Least expensive)

Note: we must require a deposit to start student work.

It depends on which payment plan you choose for your complete course i.e. weekly, monthly, or all upfront. But for an exam, quiz test, or any individual task you have to deposit at least half payment before and half on completion of your task.

Yes, we offer discounts to our returning clients who take our services in two+ semesters and those who refer their friends and fellows to our services.

You can send the study material along with your request form on our Gmail or we can also communicate about the study material after you send us your request form. You can find the request form for various task help here

We have provided a contact us section in our main menu where you can find our contact information and a Help request form that you can use easily and we usually reply within 30 mins.

We have provided a contact us section in our main menu where you can find our contact information and a Help request form that you can use easily and we usually reply within 30 mins.

We usually use remote control software to bypass the proctored exam. But if it does not work on some applications then we recommend focusing the webcam just on your face, not the whole body so that you can take photos of questions easily and send them to our whats app and we will send back the answers to you whether it requires to show only answer or show work type exam. We have completed many exams with this practice so you don’t have to worry about that.

Yes, we have the practice to complete exams within time. So if you are going to send us questions by Whats app then try to send pictures clear and quickly so that we can save time to solve the exam.

We have taken almost 3000+ exams on different college/university software. We always take care to show the location of your country by using VPN so that application software does not detect any remote access to your portal. We are technical experts in that field so you don’t have to worry about that.

If the payment method mentioned above does not work in your country or you don’t know how to send payment by these methods then you should not worry about that. You must fill out the form and send it to us or contact any mentioned social medial accounts we will communicate with you and will guide you about sending payment.

We have professional and hardworking experts who gave their 100% to get a good grade for the student but we cannot ignore the margin of human error. Unfortunately, if someone fails we have a policy of retaking the exam in the same payment if the student agrees otherwise we also offer a refund of payment. As we have professional experts with 5+ years of experience  in solving exams, assignments, and other academic tasks therefore it mitigates the chances of occurring such a situation

We usually try to get best grades for our clients but in fact we cannot neglect the margin of human error. In case, you get C-, C+ or D grade you will get 50% of your payment back but if you get an F you will get full payment refund. We also provide an option of using that payment for future tasks if you agreed